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7 summer essentials

by Judit Korondi on August 03, 2022

7 summer essentials, or what to pack in your hand luggage in case you accidentally "lose" your luggage at the airport

Of course, you don't have to prepare for the worst, but think of it as a capsule bag test. Pack with what you would need in your hand luggage if you did lose your suitcase, so that you can always be perfectly dressed for a few days' summer getaway.

Here are a few tips to help you do just that:  

1. Loose white T-shirt

This probably doesn't need much explanation. A loose white t-shirt can be worn with practically anything, and whatever your shape, if you go for a looser, more relaxed fit, you can wear it with anything. It goes with a smart skirt as well as a denim short or baggy linen trousers. A discreet label is fine, just avoid the bigger, bolder prints.


2. "Pick up and go" summer dress

The emphasis here is on slimness, so it's important to have a good fabric that's not too thick, doesn't wrinkle and isn't too tight. Once these are ticked off, you can either go for a summery floral print or the basic colours (white, black, beige). The point is that you can put it on in one go, even over your swimsuit when you go from sunbathing to the beach bar. Preferably without lots of buttons or complicated straps.


3. Sightseeing sandals

Okay, it's not a dress, but it's definitely a staple. If you're travelling in sneakers, this should be the other footwear you carry (along with beach slippers). It's a matter of taste which style you choose, there are other considerations to keep in mind. Because if you're going to walk for hours in 40 degrees, it makes a difference what you wear. The most important thing is not to wear a brand new pair of shoes that you haven't worn at home, so that your feet get used to them and don't break them in. The other important thing is to keep your feet stable, if you're constantly slipping and having to "hold on" there's nothing more tiring. That's why it's a good idea to choose a strappy, buckled solution instead of a flip-flop, which will hold your feet well.

4. Summer shirt or shirt dress

A summer shirt or shirt dress is very versatile, as it can be worn as a dress on its own or over shorts and tops as an extra layer. But you can also wear it over a swimsuit. Depending on your style, it can be loose-fitting or slimming with a belt, but a thin, breathable fabric is always recommended. In terms of colour, for a blue striped beach holiday look, it's a perfect match with a straw hat and oversized sunglasses.


  1. Nice (not jeans) shorts
    While denim shorts are extremely fashionable, you won't find a more comfortable staple than a well-tailored pair of shorts with a wider fit. Of course, you shouldn't go for a baggy top, but a light blouse or sleeveless top is the perfect pairing. It works just as well with sandals and accessories at a dressier restaurant as it does with flip-flops at the ice cream parlour.

  2. Sleeveless top
    Sleeveless is a broad term, but you can definitely wear one on holiday and wear it more than once. A black slim-fit top is not only ideal for a wider range of shorts, but can also be a great option for a loose skirt or an open shirt or blouse for evenings out. Another style is the satin or silk sleeveless top, which gives you a breathable, "almost not wearing you" feel, but you should pay attention to the quality of the fabric composition, because the synthetic can easily cling to you in the heat.


  1. Swimwear
    Swimwear is very individual, what is ideal for each person's shape, bust size and form, and as it takes most of us a long time to find the right one, don't rely on the range on offer at your holiday destination. Play it safe and take it in your hand luggage! The top can also be worn as a top with a kimono or under a sheer dress, so you can dress it up off the beach. And one-piece pieces can actually double as a body with shorts.

    Once you've got the basic pieces above covered, you can sit back and wait for your departure!