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Guppyfriend Washing Bag

10.890 Ft
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    Much of our clothing contains synthetic materials. During washing, tiny plastic fibres within these materials break away and end up in our rivers and oceans via wastewater, causing irreversible damage to our environment. And that’s where the Guppyfriend washing bag comes in! According to the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, an average of 86% fewer synthetic material fibres break away when washed in a washing bag.

    The fibres that do break away collect in the corners of the washing bag and can be easily removed and disposed of. - The Guppyfriend washing bag reduces fibre shedding and protects your clothes. - The Guppyfriend filters the few fibres that do break away without letting them into the washing machine’s wastewater. - The Guppyfriend is a daily reminder to change our buying habits and washing rituals.

    Material: untreated polyamide 6.6 Size M: 50 x 74 cm Includes multilingual packaging and instructions 100% plastic-free packaging For information on how it works, check out the video here: https://youtu.be/26tyzk3sFBs


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