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How to find your own style?

by EW Group on January 20, 2022

Nowadays, it's essential not only to keep up to date with your work, personal life and leisure activities, but also to immerse yourself in the details as much as possible. Some women think that style equals fashion, that changing, fast-moving cycle that is very hard to keep up with. But that's not true, because style and fashion are not the same thing.

Although fashion is global, ever-changing and sometimes hard to follow, style is eternal, unique and utterly personal. There is no strict recipe for what your individual, personal style should look like.


It brings out the best in you

Style is like your magic wand, when you need it, it brings out the best in you in every situation. Your style accentuates your assets and hides the areas you don't necessarily want to show.


Telling about you

Your style tells a story about you, even before you introduce yourself. Style tells you if you're casual or formal, and colours can tell you if you're easy-going or if you're more shy or reserved. A lack of accessories indicates that you are more of a minimalist, while sparkly jewellery, for example, shows a real passionate personality.


Gives you confidence

You've found the perfect style when every piece makes you feel confident and you're finally "yourself". When you're confident in what you wear, it reflects your confidence.



Fashion is not always comfortable. But if your dress is wrinkled here and there, your shoes are tight or you're constantly pulling on your shirt to cover your stomach, you're wearing the wrong clothes. You're definitely not in tune with your style. Make sure that you feel comfortable in the materials you wear, that the cut is advantageous and comfortable, and that you can move in it!


To find your style, you may need to dive deeper into the theme and try different sets. At the end of the day, don't forget to write down how it made you feel, or you can ask for outside help to get a more objective perspective on your style.

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