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How to choose the most appropriate cut? Which style and shape is the best for me?

We can read quite a lot of articles and even books have been written about bodyshapes and dress types. All of us know the basics probably already. If not, we can help you – using our experiences we collected during the creation of the garments – with our small advices. 

Mostly depend on the type, shape of your body as well as the impression you would like to make which is the best cut for you.


Because we are all differently shaped, Enemy in the Wardrobe is thinking of all types of woman letting them to choose the most suitable cut to their body. All Enemy in the Wardrobe dresses are avaliable in different necklines and sleeve lengths if the cut allows it.

Choosing your favorite dress with V-shaped neckline is mostly appropriate to prolongue the upper part of the body and letting the chest look brighter and draw the attention to it.

A dress or top with boat-shape necline is mainly advantagous for those having nicely shaped or larger shoulders with relatively smaller breasts. It is also a classic cut which is always perfect for elegant occasions. 

But what about the sleeves?

Cut is not the only important detail you can choose at Enemy in the Wardrobe. The length of the sleeves can also make you feel better if it is at your comfort or preference.

Select a dress with elbow length sleeves for an ultimately elegant appearance or a sleeveless version leaving your arms free or if you do not want to cover anything.


The length of the skirt is a real issue!

A skirt arriving at your knees gives you always an impecable look at any occasion. You can wear it with a pair of high heels to lengthen your shilouhette or with a flat balerina if you are enough tall to wear. So you cannot make it wrong with any of your choice as Enemy in the Wardrobe is designing according to this idea.

Wearing midi skirt is not so easy. In order to avoid an outdated look, you should wear it with high heel shoes and definitely fitted design to your body. Otherwise you will look like your old teacher at school you do not want to remember.


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