It’s time to get dressed again so we propose you to discover the new capsule pieces for your wardrobe and we offer* you your washable EW mask, made of 100% double-layered cotton in black and white or pure black colour.  

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* Choose the EW mask- BW or black and  put it in your shopping cart, shop over 110 Euro and your mask is a free gift.

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Moods táska - állatmintás

39.000 Ft43.000 Ft

Moods öv - arany

17.000 Ft

Moods öv - pink

17.000 Ft

Moods karkötő - EW fehér

9.500 Ft

EW cserélhető fekete-fehér táska pánt

7.000 Ft

Moods karkötő - lakk fekete

9.500 Ft

Moods pánt - arany

6.500 Ft

The Moods öv "Energetic morning"-sötét zöld

17.000 Ft

Moods pánt - fekete fehér

6.500 Ft
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