This week we will not only focus on the Little Black Dresses but also on pants, tops&shirts, skirts.
Do you have already a favourite and look for an other colour? Are you still looking for the perfect dress or skirt? Do you need a perfect basics for your capsule wardrobe? Take your time from 20-25, November and explore the capsule wardrobe. Enjoy special 30% off for all our clothes.
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Little BLACK dress week (47)

Rome felső - könyékig érő ujjal

13.900 Ft

Rome felső - ujjatlan

9.900 Ft12.900 Ft

Vienna szoknya

22.000 Ft

Torino blézer

49.000 Ft

Ibiza top - kétoldalt hordható

23.000 Ft

Siena ingruha

41.000 Ft

Paris szoknya

29.000 Ft

Melrose overál

36.000 Ft

Melrose ruha

35.000 Ft
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