If you you have a well working capsule wardrobe is is easy to pack your holiday or weekend luggage.

Just few well selected capsule basics and some colorful seasonal garments and go🚗✈️🛥🏖

Find the missing ones now this weekend: July 23-25   25% off from dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, tops, shirts, coats and jackets- if you choose at least 2 pieces✌️

Use code: EW#go25

If you need some inspiration how to create your luggage quickly read our article.

Travel with EW capsule 🧳 (68)

OUTLET - Rome felső - ujjatlan

5.900 Ft12.900 Ft

Rome felső - könyékig érő ujjal

9.300 Ft13.900 Ft

Paris szoknya

23.000 Ft29.000 Ft

OUTLET - EW poló V nyakkivágás

3.900 Ft9.500 Ft

OUTLET - Glasgow nadrág

19.000 Ft33.000 Ft

Bolzano nadrág

25.000 Ft31.000 Ft

Oxford ruha

23.000 Ft33.000 Ft

Torino blézer

45.000 Ft49.000 Ft

Paris ruha - ujjatlan, csónaknyakú

37.000 Ft55.000 Ft
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