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How to save money on clothes?

by Judit Korondi on December 15, 2022

Let's face it, whatever our financial situation, these days we are starting to think about what we can save on, how we can save, we are all looking more at what costs more.

So we're sharing with you some useful tips on what to look out for in your wardrobe!

The clothes shopping version of "don't go shopping hungry" is to only go clothes shopping when you really need a new piece, because you need it for an occasion or simply because the previous pieces of that type are no longer suitable for some reason. Try to avoid impulse buys and big sales, even then only look for the pre-selected piece.

Have your shoes repaired or repaired if they are still in good condition, but the stitching has come apart in a small area, or if you need to replace the zipper or the heel has worn off a little. Especially when it's a favourite piece. Yes, sometimes it's a hassle to find a seamstress or a shoemaker, but if it's reasonably priced to repair it, it's definitely worth it more than buying a new pair. And if you've been paying attention in tech class or your grandma taught you, hopefully you can do minor repairs yourself.

This may seem like an odd tip, but experts swear by it: go shopping with cash. If you pay with a card, it's much easier to lose control of your spending, because you can just touch the card and get the clothes you want, without having a good sense of how the money is going. Cash, on the other hand, was-not, visibly. So we can put a stop to our spending sooner. This doesn't just work for clothes, of course.

Organise clothes swap parties with your girlfriends. Some people are less keen to shop for second-hand clothes, but they'll be happy to take their girlfriends' old clothes, so get together, have a party, have clothes, and all you need is a few cocktails or a glass of champagne.

Quality, quality, quality. This is what may seem costly in the short term, not thrifty, but if you choose a quality piece very carefully, one that will really serve you for years or even a decade, you'll definitely get a return on your investment. Of course, this is not the way to spend money on clothes bought for a party, but on classic basics that never go out of fashion.

And speaking of basic pieces. We've said it countless times as capsule wardrobe believers, but it's true - if you buy basics - you can use them in countless combinations. You can wear a pencil skirt, a little black dress, a classic blazer or blouse with accessories in practically countless variations. So you'll need fewer pieces of clothing, you'll be able to play around with accessories and buy the ones that will brighten up your outfit.

Take great care of your clothes, look after them, look after them so that they last as long as possible. Especially as there's nothing more annoying than when your favourite clothes get ruined because you accidentally put them on the wrong programme, or set the wrong temperature when ironing, or used the wrong detergent.

We can't ignore sales, which we won't be able to avoid completely, but we can manage them consciously. If you have favourite, trusted shops that sell clothes of the right quality and style, it's not forbidden to watch out for their sales, so that you can compare them with clothes you've already picked out or that fit your wardrobe and match our shopping checklist: they're right for your shape, your colour type, they're good quality, they combine well and you'll be able to wear them for at least 3 years. Then it would be a shame to resist a new piece 😊.

+1 I'm sure you've heard of the "I won't buy new clothes for a year" initiative