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The three colours of summer

by Judit Korondi on June 14, 2022

For this summer, we recommend three must-have colours that can be worn on their own or in combination, as they work either way. You could say they're the trend colours of the summer, but they're classics you can't go wrong with. You'll always be fashionable in them.


Although this year Pantone announced a soft, lavender blue as the colour of the year (veri peri), on the catwalks of the fashion houses it seemed that designers were looking for something brighter and punchier than that. So they opted for hot pink for many of their models. Valentino, for example, simply dressed all his models in pink and even the catwalk.

Any shade of pink works great on sun-kissed skin (well protected from the sun, of course), whether combined with other, more neutral colours or stronger colours like orange or red.

When it comes to accessories, it's especially worth following the eternal classic "less is more". Of course, a belt or earrings in a more neutral colour can be included.


We tend to think of pure white as a wedding, christening or beach holiday colour, but it's also a great colour to wear on a weekday in summer. White also comes in a variety of shades, so you can vary with that too. An all-white set with gold accessories, for example, can create a particularly luxurious effect.

If you're having a more relaxed day, you can combine it with a colourful accessory, such as a pink belt, a blue bag or sandals. In summer, a pair of white trousers can be very comfortable with a plain T-shirt or a tighter blouse. And white sneakers are a summer essential, the key is to keep them perfectly clean. And a short-sleeved or sleeveless white top is a real jolly joker, whether with a pair of jeans shorts, a skirt or loose trousers.



Summer doesn't exclude black at all, in fact! For one thing, it's great to combine it with any other colour (even pink), and there are so many ways to play with black in terms of fabric types, cuts and accessories. There's plenty of room for a 'basic' pattern, whether you go for stripes or polka dots.

Fabrics and cuts are something to keep an eye on, but there are plenty of ultra-light, soft black fabrics that make great summer dresses. The key is to choose a comfortable strappy or sleeveless style rather than one that clings to your body.

Black sandals always work too, or if you're looking to innovate, this summer's hit is the breathable espadrille, or canvas shoes with a wicker sole.

And when it comes to accessories, there really is no such thing as impossible! Here, anything goes - in colour, size, if you're wearing black with a clean cut.