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Habits of the world's successful female leaders

by EW Group on July 21, 2018

"The future is women" is today's famous slogan in a world where women are fighting for their own goals and are increasingly recognised.
Of course, we're not saying that men are less important, but the increasingly influential presence of women is also radically changing the way we live.
So, if you want to join the ranks of influential, successful women leaders, or at least learn from them, here's the perfect opportunity. We've put together a few things that successful women are doing to gain even more respect in their communities.


There is no doubt about the importance of attitude. The first and most important "dress code" is to always look feminine and confident in a professional environment. Your dress style should be chosen wisely, according to your abilities. If you prefer to dress smart, you can't go wrong with a black dress, a navy skirt and a white blouse.


The start of your day is a critical point, as it will set the tone for the rest of the day. Get up early and start the morning with positive thoughts! Don't rush! If you do a simple exercise, or better yet, meditate before getting ready, you're sure to start your day off right. Eat enough, and more importantly, eat something healthy! Consider your morning routine as a gift, like an hour (or more) of me-time.

Believe in karma, because it always works! In other words, behave kindly and help others: co-workers, family members, even the staff at the local grocery store. You'll see the magic unfold right before your eyes.


Be active! And not just physically (which is of course just as important), but mentally too. Be a person who takes the first step! Approach new people with confidence, be open to others, be curious! Building relationships is something that is essential in our personal lives and in our careers. Don't be lazy! If you have an idea, act on it and see if it works - you have nothing to lose.


Listen and speak up! It's very important to say what's on your mind, but also to be open to other people's problems. This will make you more appreciated by others and they will get to know all your good qualities, which are really important.

Always be true to yourself and never try to be someone else! This is both because it is impossible and because comparing yourself to others causes unnecessary stress. Insecurity is normal, it's just a question of how you deal with it. So the next time you see someone better looking, richer, funnier or simply more successful than you, give thanks and see them as your own personal guide.

Stay flexible! Of course you can (and should) plan for the near and distant future, but give yourself some room for the unpredictable. If you're open to change and learn to let go of the past with ease, you'll find that it can reduce anxiety and take you in entirely new directions. Join the club of successful women!