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From desk to night - A set that follows your agenda

by EW Group on January 20, 2022

In this fast-paced world, it's particularly difficult for us ladies to always manage to fit into our roles. Getting the kids off to school, having important meetings at work, shopping, then dinner with friends... it's all hard to manage. We usually run out of time or only have 10 minutes to prepare for the next meeting. No wonder you need 3-4 sets a day... 

But how can we manage this? The key here is variability, or the art of "dressing up" and "undressing". This of course only works with garments that are comfortable, stylish and have a certain style that makes them look good with heels and trainers alike.

Choose clothes for the weather!
On hot summer days, it goes without saying that you should choose lighter colours, short sleeves and loose-fitting garments, while on cold autumn mornings you should opt for thicker fabrics and combine them with a jacket or cardigan.


Dress to match the first item on your agenda!
If you work in an office and go straight there in the morning, this look should be your focus when you're getting ready. Do you have a strict dress code? Follow it by dressing smartly with a little black dress, black skirt and a plain shirt!

Add your style!
It's important to feel comfortable in your outfit, so don't be afraid to plan! Jazz up a monochrome outfit with a colourful belt or wear metallic accessories!


Have every variation of your set to hand!
If you're heading out for a casual meeting after office hours, swap your heels for trainers and wear your favourite outfit with a comfortable flat! If you prefer a more elegant style, opt for a ballerina shoe that looks great with a dress or skirt.


Flexibility and freedom are always the key before choosing clothes. That's why we, at Essential Wardrobe, are here to create the most versatile pieces that can be a lifesaver for any working woman.