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Mini survival package for holidays

by EW Group on January 20, 2022

Ever since we saw the first Bridget Jones, we know that a holiday together means "something" in a relationship.

But we also know that when planning a holiday, a crazy question arises: what should we pack???

No matter how far you travel, or which continent, city or country you choose, the size of your hand luggage is a constant. You need to be prepared for any sudden changes in weather and activities, and you need style options for your holiday, so that you can fit it all in your suitcase.

Here are the style staples that are essential for a 3-day spring break (no hiking, diving, horseback riding ... sorry). We've rounded up staple pieces that you can easily combine with seasonal, on-trend accessories.

Let's see:


  • Black / navy or any darker shade of trousers - We recommend a cropped fit or at least a straight cut trouser that can be combined with a dress or a longer knit dress shirt.
  • Jeans - A jolly joker piece of clothing.
  • Dress - Length depends on your body type, but a knee-length dress is recommended. Can it be the classic little black dress? Only if you have one that is made of stretchy material and comfortable to wear. A very elegant cocktail dress is not really relevant in this case. The reason is that it has to be packed in a small suitcase, so it has to be something you can just slip on and go.
  • 1 skirt - A tricky piece as it can vary depending on the temperature


  • 1-2 kardigán / pulóver – Színben passzoljon a felsőkhöz!
  • 1 kabát – Az időjárás előrejelzéstől függően a kedvencünk a farmerdzseki vagy a bőrdzseki. Ha hidegebb, szelesebb napok jönnek, akkor a ballonkabát elengedhetetlen darab.
  • 1 kalap – Már tavasszal figyelni kell a napsugárzásra a bőr védelmének érdekében, emiatt is jól választás a kalap. Meg amúgy is különlegessé teszi a megjelenésed. 
  • 2 cipő - Lapos tornacipő, elegáns vagy mutatós cipellők, balerinák, loafer-ek.
  • 1 esernyő
  • 2 kézitáska és néhány csillogó, trendi kiegészítő


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