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Öltözködj a hangulatodnak megfelelően: színek és jelentésük

by EW Group on January 20, 2022

It is well known that different colours have different psychological meanings and can have a big impact on our behaviour and mood throughout the day. The colours you wear on certain days can tell us a lot about the message you want to send to those around you.

Black is one of the most popular colours and has many meanings depending on the context. It is a shade of mourning and communicates distance, but it is also a symbol of power and seriousness. Black is chic and can be worn in many different forms: as a little black dress, as a chic black high heel or as a black trench coat. To avoid overdoing black, combine dark pieces with colourful accessories or even a touch of white for contrast.

As the opposite of black, white is the shade that creates openness, and light is the sign of sensitivity. Brides wear white on their wedding day to communicate innocence and purity. Many people think that white should not be worn on other occasions because of this. However, this view is wrong, as an elegant white dress, a white blouse or a white jacket can be the highlight of any outfit.

Blue is one of the most popular colours in the colour palette. There are many shades of blue and many different meanings. It creates a fresh, clean feeling and is reminiscent of running water. Sea blue is a great alternative to black, representing professionalism, reliability and seriousness. It can be combined with bright colours, camel, white or even black. Dress for the meeting in a navy blue dress and add brown shoes for the perfect look!

Red is clearly the colour of love and passion. It is an eye-catching colour, which is also reflected in the way you dress. If you want to feel as feminine as possible and show your assertive side, red is the perfect colour for you. But remember that red can also come across as aggressive, so be careful not to overdo it! Red can also be combined very well with black or white.

Green is an increasingly popular shade that is constantly appearing on the catwalk season after season. In 2017, leaf green was chosen by Pantone as the colour of the year, making it even more in demand.

If you love colour but aren't a fan of bold shades, go for emerald or forest green, which represent nature and exude freshness. Green is best combined with other earthy colours (shades that appear in nature) such as brown and grey.
Whatever your style, remember that the colours you wear can affect your mood and how others perceive you.