• Ingyenes szállítás 35 000 Ft feletti vásárlás esetén

Enemy in the Wardrobe is the expert of demanding, active and self-confident women who look for comfortable, practical, stylish yet customizable pieces in order to guarantee a perfect outfit without any compromises from the morning to the night.

Therefore the intention was to present the collections on such unavoidable personalities who represents to woman of Enemy in the Wardrobe.



Franci is a doctor married, with 2 kids. She has an active life as a dermatologist, mother and a wife but meanwhile she is building up a foundation which educates kids regarding health. She likes to wear comfortable and practical pieces as she has to change clothes several times during the day but she needs to look stylish as well to represent herself in different situations.
Therefore she agreed to present some of our models as all clothes are made of fine materials with stretch that she can easily wear and change during the day and by changing The Moods Ribbons and other accessories she can fulfill easily any of her duties.

Niki is a professional trainer, married, with 2 kids. She is like a hurricane, strong and intense but always brings energy and smile to anyone around her.
The look for her is very important, as she tries to show good example to all women encouraging the importance of health and beautifully fit appearance.
She joined the EW Team to show how sexy and timeless this collection is with the differently colored The Moods Selection while being nearly as comfortable as her gym dresses.


Bea is an international communication expert living a very busy life. From London to Budapest then to Miami, she is travelling a lot to build up strategies for brands crossing different cultures and boarders. She needs to look perfect at each meeting regardless how many times she spent in airports or taxis. She decided to present EW models as she tested them for being so comfortable, travel-friendly (nearly no creasing) and versatile that she could manage a few days travelling with less pieces thanks to the customization of the clothes with the Moods Selection.