• Ingyenes szállítás 35 000 Ft feletti vásárlás esetén

We went further with the idea of the Capsule Wardrobe, as we do not only create the basic pieces of your closet but we propose a special system to personalize your look along with the dresses in order to create endless combination of outfits.

Enemy in the Wardrobe created a unique selection of accessories called the Moods that contains decorative ribbons for the clothes as well as assorted bracelets and belts for further customisation of the outfit. 

idea behind the Moods is that we want to give you a stylish yet creative accessory system that you can easily apply on your clothes according to your mood and look you want to express with your outfit. 



The first piece is the Moods Ribbon, you can easily put on to most of your EW garments, your outfit can be personalized in few seconds by changing the accessories on the garment and giving a completely different style to the final look. 

From fine leather, handmade with light golden snap system, in more than 20 colours.

The Moods system is an easy yet practical solution to personalize your outfit at any time of the day.